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Are you searching for a new sissy story? If you’re into forced feminization and femdom, you will definitely appreciate a kinky sissy book like Erotic Feminization Sissy Maid Stories.

This cool sissy book collection is brought to you by author Betty Cross. She has also written “Forced feminization, sissy maid slave,” “Erotic Crossdressing Sissy Stories Collection,” and “Training of a kept sissy.”

Featuring forced bisexuality, sex parties, threesomes, clandestine panty training, bondage, and strapon fucking, Erotic Feminization Sissy Maid Stories is one of the hottest sissy books out there. The first story in the book is about a sissy boy and his mistress wife.

The second story features a young sissy who gets found out to be a secret sissy boy and so he becomes the slave of an older lady. The third story in the book is told in first person by a dominant teen girl who wants to assist you with shopping for sissy panties and fetish outfits.

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